More than Words

When our world comes crashing down, it does more than steal our peace. It shakes our faith. Something inside us tears. We feel broken, stranded—torn. We naturally ask the question “Why?” when we’re hurting. But as pastor Jud Wilhite turned to the Bible in his own pain, he was surprised to discover that another question matters more: “Who?” Who is worthy of our trust when our trust has gone into hiding?

You may be experiencing a time of such darkness that you wonder if you will ever find “normal” again or look toward the future with hope. In Torn, Jud explores your questions as well as God’s answers—and God’s mysteries. With a pastor’s heart, he looks with you at practical ways to fight for joy, deal with anger and depression, and make the million tiny decisions that add up to a life committed to God even when your heart is broken.

It’s not about knowing more. It’s not about having better arguments for the purpose behind our suffering. It’s about our relationship with God—a relationship that can flourish even when our whys go unanswered.

Throw it Down: Leaving Behind Behaviors and
Dependencies That Hold You Back

by Jud Wilhite

Throw It Down doesn’t pull punches. It’s straight talk to people who know they have habits and behaviors that are keeping them from being who God made them to be. And no one knows how to boldly confront and bravely encourage like Jud Wilhite.

He has spent many joyful years, since beginning his own recovery journey, helping others achieve sobriety through a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. The mean streets of Vegas have been a fertile mission field, and he has witnessed amazing testimonies of God’s grace, triumph and forgiveness. Just as God commanded Moses in Exodus to ‘throw down’ his staff, God asks us to throw down the things that we hold tight, so we are free to accept all the blessings He has in store.

Readers will receive the practical help and encouragement they need to throw down their hurts, habits and dependencies and to reclaim health, happiness and God’s blessings.

Uncensored Grace: Stories of Hope from the Streets of Vegas
by Jud Wilhite & Bill Taaffe

Behind the glitz and glam of Sin City, an amazing story is unfolding. It’s a story of people who have run out of dreams, given up on hope. It’s a story of what can happen when Christians open their arms wide–really wide–in the name of Christ. In Uncensored Grace, Jud Wilhite and Bill Taaffe introduce you to card players, exotic dancers, a flying Elvis, an American Idol contestant, and a beat cop turned hero, among others. Each has one thing in common–at their moment of extreme need they encounter an extraordinary God. And the place they find him is in an unusual church community that is gambling everything on a hope-filled message they call “uncensored grace.”

Eyes Wide Open: See and Live the Real You
by Jud Wilhite & Bill Taaffe

In Eyes Wide Open, Jud Wilhite invites you to discover the real you. Not the you who pretends to be perfect to satisfy everyone’s expectations. Not the you who always feels guilty before God. Not the you who secretly feels God forgives everyone else but only tolerates you. Not the you who looks in the mirror and sees a failure. The real you, loved and forgiven by God, living out of your identity in Christ. A travel guide through real spirituality from one incomplete person to another, Eyes Wide Open is a book about following God in the messes of life, about broken pasts and our lifelong need for grace. It is a book about seeing ourselves and God with new eyes–eyes wide open to a God of love.

Start Today Living Boldly and Without Fear
by: Joyce Meyer
#1 New York Times Bestseller

If you struggle with issues like insecurity, low self-esteem, worry, inferiority, fear, self-doubt, etc., make today your day to start your journey back to God’s original design of confidence, victory, faith and success! As a woman you are a precious gift of God to the world, fulfilling a purpose that only youcan fulfill. Based on her own personal journey and 30+ years of encouraging and ministering to hundreds of thousands of women, Joyce has insight that will guide you through your own transformation to a more confident you!This book will help you…

  • Realize your infinite worth and value
  • Identify barriers to confidence
  • Learn where true confidence comes from
  • Become independent through dependence on God
  • Overcome obstacles to live a bold, victorious life

“You can hold your head up high and be filled with confidence about yourself and your future. You can be bold and step out to do new things, even things no man or woman has ever done before. You have what it takes!” –Joyce

Emily Wierenga is a wife, mother of four boys
(two of whom are hers), artist, and author of
Chasing Silhouettes: How to Help a Loved One Battling an Eating Disorder
(Ampelon, 2012)
available here. For more info, please visit
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Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis [Hardcover]
by Lauren f. Winner

Winner describes how experiences of loss and failure unexpectedly slam her into a wall of doubt and spiritual despair: “My belief has faltered, my sense of God’s closeness has grown strained, my efforts at living in accord with what I take to be the call of the gospel have come undone.”Witty, relatable, and fiercely honest, Winner lays bare her experience of what she calls the “middle” of the spiritual life. In elegant and spare prose, she explores why—in the midst of the overwhelming anxiety, loneliness, and boredom of her deepest questioning about where (or if) God is—the Christian story still explains who she is better than any other story she’s ever known. Still is an absorbing meditation combining literary grace with spiritual wisdom. It is sure to resonate with anyone looking to sustain a spiritual life in the midst of real life.

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6 thoughts on “More than Words

  1. These books are inspirational! I like Joyce Meyer and her no-nonsense, practical approach to helping women. Thanks for sharing these books and your posts here. Have a happy Thanksgiving! 😀

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