Drive Thru Witness

I have never been very good at sharing my faith, especially with strangers.

That all changed about a year ago when Andy Stanley preached about being bold.

I feel sure the fact that I’m in my mid-thirties and no longer twenty-something, contributed to my response to his message. I like to refer to my twenties as the “wandering” or “prodigal” years.

Nonetheless, my entire view on witnessing was transformed after listening to Andy speak and then sliding this black rubber bracelet with the words “BE BOLD” on my wrist.

Here is what I know and want you to know as well;
~ You do not have to attend seminary to learn how to share your faith with others.
~ You do not have to be a “perfect christian” to be considered worthy of speaking the name of Christ to others. (What’s a perfect anything anyway?!)
~ You do not have to have the entire Bible memorized or be able to refer to a certain passage of scripture for every situation and circumstance.
~ You do not have to speak eloquently. (Look at Moses.)
~ You can have a past that speaks more about the faithfulness and love of Christ than a man in a robe, from a pulpit, ever could. (Look at Mary Magdalene.)
~ You can experience uncertainty and fear while ultimately choosing faith. (Look at Jonah.)
~ You can answer a question with, I don’t know.
~ You can rise above the circumstances that you feel disqualify you from being useful. (Look at Paul.)
~ You can share hope with anyone, at anytime. It’s free! And yet, once you truly grasp it’s meaning, it’s priceless.

Let me encourage you to look for small opportunities. You would be surprised what key words are said, in passing conversation, that can lead to someone knowing Christ. Everybody needs a Savior. Everybody.

Please don’t assume that someone else will come along who is well spoken, versed in all things “religious” and more comfortable with this sort of thing. Treat everyone you meet as if today is their last.

So tomorrow, when you are in the drive-thru waiting for your morning, afternoon and/or evening coffee, engage in conversation with the barista. Every now and then, pay for the person’s coffee behind you asking the cashier to relay a simple message like, “Happy Monday!” And as you drive off, pray for that person. That God would show himself in a tangible way that would draw them to Him.

He doesn’t need us. If you think He does, you’re mistaken. The reason we are to share with others is for our own faith and growth in Him.

We do not have to talk about church, have bumper stickers on our car that scream we are pro life and republican, or even say anything relating to scripture, to witness to others.

In fact, how much louder do our actions speak than our words?

As Mother Teresa would say, live as if you “see Jesus in every face.”

And when you fail, acknowledge it and move on. There is no time for wallowing in regret. We are of the most use to the Father when we are free of the bondage of shame and open to every opportunity throughout our day to live out the hope that only He can give.

You will be amazed! I promise!

Blessings to you as you begin your week. I will be praying for your journey and would ask that you pray for mine.

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