GUEST POST: "DJ & the Trees. A Parable"

I am thrilled to have a guest post by the beautiful and talented Heather Palacios. I am learning so much from her. Wife to Raul Palacious, a pastor on staff where they attend at Church by the Glades. Not only is she a bright light in this dark world, she is the real deal! I love this post that she had previously written on her own blog, because it reminds me that I am not the one in charge and that God is bigger than anything I am going through.

There was my boy, DJ, looking up to me on a balcony. 
What I didn’t realize when I took this picture was I also captured the towering palm tree beside him. 
 Little DJ, big tree. 
In a way, that is what we feel like with problems in our lives. 
We feel so small with something we can’t compete against in strength, power and magnitude. DJ couldn’t take this tree any more than I’ve been able to take some of the problems in my life. You too? 
And this is precisely (& simply) why we need God. 
God is bigger than me…& the tree. 
God is bigger than you…& your problem. 
And what we can’t muster up in strength, power & magnitude, He can. 
I pray you know this God, today. So that He can be in your life and over your trees.


Check out more of Heather’s wisdom, wit and words in writing by visiting her website. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook. You will be a better human being just by knowing her.

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