I have this thing for cemetery’s that have been around for a while. I love this post by a very talented, fellow blogger.

Chronicles of Illusions

Each time I drive to Auckland to visit the kiddywinkles I pass Waihi Cemetery and I finally managed to stop and spend some time there.

These  were taken with my cell phone (I think I LOVE the cell phone camera).

Waihi Cemetery was established prior to 1898 as the public cemetery for Waihi and surrounding rural areas, which also included the small coastal township of Waihi Beach.

Between the years 1902 and 1913 records from the cemetery were destroyed by fire.






And I was drawn to this guy.

I think it is a representation of the Archangel Gabriel because he is holding a horn.

I could not stop taking his photo.

But I will only bore you with three of them.


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