Head full of Hope: A Story in Pictures

This is a story about my Bella. She is 14 and always looking for ways to make a difference. With the limited resources that she has, she must get creative when supporting others. She knew that she had one thing to give that could potentially impact someone her own age.

Let’s see if a picture really is worth a thousand words…

In the chair at Van Michael Salon in Buckhead with Kelly

Kelly making the first cuts.

The first pieces are in her hand

Second section of cutting

12 inches of beautiful hair

Styling the new do

Remnants of what's left and unusable

Finished Product

She is smiling for several reasons. One being that she feels like she weighs 10 lbs. lighter.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Kelly at Van Michael Salon in Buckhead. She took care of everything. They are a participating salon in Locks of Love.

17 thoughts on “Head full of Hope: A Story in Pictures

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  3. Fantastic! I want my hair to reach my butt at least once before I am too old – I have about a foot to go – now I know what I will do once it gets there. Great post – hurray for Bella!

  4. What a very selfless thing to do and I love her smile!! Exactly what God asks us to do: serve others…sometimes even with our hair! smile. Thank you so much for joining my blog. I really appreciate it greatly. Looking forward to getting to know a new blog friend. 🙂

    • She is an amazing kid!
      I know most people think their kid is perfect, when the rest of the world is at the same bar where they’re getting wasted.
      Bella is a unique and incredible human being.
      She has not experienced anything yet that leaves the kind of scars that change us.
      When she does, I’ll be there.
      (Not sure why I went so deep with that! 😉 )

      • 🙂 That’s perfectly understandable! Whether she’s your child or not, it’s always amazing to see someone that truly challenges all of us to be better, kinder, more loving people… The kind of people we all should be… 🙂

  5. Joy, please tell Isabella how excited I am about this. She looks great—so sophisticated. I think you’ve lost your little girl! Can’t wait to show Micahlyn these pictures. I’ve been trying to encourage her to do this too.

    • Aw, don’t say that!
      Although, I know you’re right!
      The truth hurts!
      She is so beautiful!
      She hasn’t had her heart broken or experienced any major disappointments yet. Makes a big difference, doesn’t it friend?
      I will protect her as long as I can.

    • I knew that’s what you meant 😉
      I have been contemplating it for several years. She is so much braver than I! Maybe one day I will get the courage to do the same thing. Kelly said that they will be thrilled to get such beautiful, thick hair! I’m so proud of my girl!

  6. Love it!! I’ve always wanted to do that!! Though my thing hair just can’t seem to ever get long enough. So glad that she did it! And she looks beautiful with the new ‘do!

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