Beauty, the Beast and the Product of the Week: Lips

Just in time for summer!
The perfect (in my opinion) companion and a must have for your make up bag.

What? Nourish-mint Rehydrating Lip Glaze

Where? Online at Aveda and in stores. Salons that carry Aveda products will also have it. I have purchased it from Van Michael Salon in Buckhead several times when there for a cut.

Why? It’s not sticky like other glosses. It has a refreshing tingle. It nourishes my lips like chappy but with the benefit of shine. It looks great by itself, over a pencil or matte lippy. (Tip: The key to have beautiful lips with color that lasts is not licking your lips throughout the day. Also try to keep hands away from your face to avoid introducing oils and bacteria on your skin.)

Cost? Under $20. $18 to be exact. Sound like a lot? I know, but listen, this product is worth it. You will not be disappointed. Don’t neglect your lips! You will regret it when you’re older.

Go ahead… try it! You’ll thank me.

About this whole beauty thing… It’s easy to play. Here’s what you do:

1. List your favorite product or routine in the comments section below (it has to be something that you have tried.) Answer these 4 things, 1. What (Is the product or routine?) 2. Where (can you find it?) 3. Why (do you love it?) 4. Cost (ballpark figure, less than $10, less than $20, and so on.)
2. You may have 100 things, like I do when it comes to mascara, moisturizer and the things we would have a hard time choosing between if asked, “Out of these things, what 1 thing would you take if stranded on a desert island?” You can list a new one each week. Start with your favorite.
3. Before you know it, we will have an amazing list of products loved by real people. We will pick one favorite each week.

Please share this with your friends and in no time we will have a list to rival anything that the magazines are flashing.

Before you go, if you would like to participate in the beauty question poll click here and scroll to the poll at the end of the post.

7 thoughts on “Beauty, the Beast and the Product of the Week: Lips

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  3. Okay, I’ll have to admit that lipstick, even for this non-makeup-wearing girl, is a passion. I have had many favorites in the past. My one favorite was a product made by Ultima II called Lip Base. It was a matte lip base designed to keep your favorite lips on longer and more even. I would get the dark one and put it on with a glossy overcoat. It was fabulous! And, of course this means, no longer on the market. There is not another product that I’ve found like it.

    Aveda is one of my favorite upper-end product lines. So I will be trying this next time I get a chance to go to the market! I must admit that I am loathe to pay high prices for lipstick that I might not like, so I haven’t found another high-end lip color in many years.

    The lips that I wear constantly come from Cover Girl at this time. They have a product called Outlast that is a lip color and then a clear overcoat designed to be a long wearing color. I cannot wear the color more than twice a week, but LOVE the top coat. I run out of it constantly! It is a nice, non-greasy, chapstick-type, but moisture based so you don’t have that waxy feel. It smoothes out, doesn’t have a taste or a smell, and is very addicting.

    • There is no shame in Cover Girl 🙂 I totally understand not wanting to pay high prices for lippy you are not sure to love. I don’t know if you have a Nordstrom near you, but they will take things back if you don’t like them, even make-up.

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  5. True confession: I’m addicted to lipstick. Well, addicted is a strong word. Let’s just say I love me some slip-lick! LOL And NOW, I have a new product to try … what makes it worse is that I work next to Aveda – the manufacturer. This is going to take self-control.

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