1-Minute Meditation

“I will let God’s peace infuse every part of today.
As the chaos swirls and life’s demands pull at me on all sides,
I will breathe in God’s peace that surpasses all understanding.
He has promised that He would set within me
a peace too deeply planted to be affected by
unexpected or exhausting demands.”
~Wendy Moore~

How wonderful would it be if I started my week with this thought, spoke it out loud, lived it to everyone I see, truly believed it…how much more controlled and centered I would be.

Ironically, control is what I’m grasping for and the more I do, the less I have.
The chaos and demands will most assuredly swirl. Why not take a great big, deep breath of God’s peace that is too satisfying for us to even understand and rest in the promises of His goodness.

Action: While in the car driving home, in the shower, walking in the door, folding laundry, just before sleep, when I wake up in the morning…I will physically take a deep breath and envision God’s peace filling my lungs and permeating every part of my being. While exhaling, I will envision all stress, worry, malice, sickness…leaving my body. I will do this at least once per day for the next seven days while thanking God that He is in control and I am not.

Happy Monday!

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