What? When? How?

This page is for all of the planners out there. Those much more organized than I. You know the ones who need to know what’s coming long before it comes so that they can plan how to execute.

Unlike those of us who often fly by the seat of our pants in hopes of having fun and finding lasting relationships along the way.

I am not saying that one temperament is better than the other. As has been proven time and time again, in order to thrive, we desperately need each other to create a healthy balance.

I’ve received feedback from quite a few of my faithful readers who have given both positive and constructive suggestions about the wide range of topics discussed on the blog. Believe me, I feel you. I am aware that not everyone wants to read about eating disorders, recovery or Jesus. Some people don’t want to click on a link expecting 500-1,000 words only to find photos for a weekly challenge. Where I certainly want to write for my audience, I also began this venture in an effort to avoid imploding, as I wrote in one of my first posts, “A Stranger in my Own Skin.”

Recovery, Jesus, Relationships, Loss, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Beauty, Light, Photography, these things and more are all part of my being. They make me the person I am today, right now, sitting here typing this to you. I cannot ignore one for another.

“Why not?” you ask. Well because you may be that one person who needs to hear something pertaining to any one of these subjects. One day you could find yourself standing at the edge of your cliff (metaphorically speaking of course) and you could be directed to something said that gives you hope.

“How do I know this?” Because I have been that person.

So, I have sought the counsel of someone much wiser than I who is rather impartial and we talked through several different scenarios.
I could have a new blog for each subject. I’m just not organized enough to juggle more than one.
I could stick to one theme. The one that I feel I am more versed in. That’s just not who I am. I want to learn and grow. I’m not going to only post about things that I feel I know better than anyone else.
I could schedule specific days for each topic while leaving myself a little wiggle room. YES! I LIKE it!

When questioning whether I have multiple personalities or not, please refer to the schedule below. This way you will know what to expect and when to expect it.

1-Minute Meditation

A Prayer (either that I write or that speaks to the season I am in)
Several of you have asked if I could write a prayer every morning. If only it worked that way. The only time I am able to write these prayers is when I am in the right state spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Maybe one day I will learn how to turn it on at will, but for now, I can’t do that.

Wordless/Worship (usually a picture)
Wandering (random thoughts)

Body Image and/or (un)defining beauty

Weekly Photo Challenge
Five Minute Friday 

This needs to remain rather open. I don’t always post on the weekend, but when feeling the urge to write something, I do. It is also a great time for me to add to my More than Words page. I am usually responding to comments, emails and catching up on the blogs that I follow. Every now and then I will post something from the archives that I feel is relevant.

I hope this gives a better idea of what to expect when you stop by for a visit. This list is not engraved into stone tablets and displayed on my coffee table. It could change. But this has been a pretty consistent pattern and one that helps me stay a little more organized.

I may post a picture on any given day or if a fellow blogger writes an incredible post, I will re-post or direct to their blog with a tease blurb on my site. My suggestion is that you have a fresh mug of coffee or tea and a little something sweet to compliment it while you read.

I am always open to insight, suggestions, constructive criticism and praise. Please feel free to leave any of those in the comments below or send via email.

If you are new around here, you may not know this yet, but I appreciate you more than words can adequately describe. I am so grateful that you would spend moments of your life, here, on these pages, with me.

Evermore thank you.

2 thoughts on “What? When? How?

  1. Hi Joy,
    I think you do a great with your blog. I do not think one has to be struggling with the same particular things you write about in order that they benefit from reading about your struggle. I think it helps all who struggle to read about someone’s struggle with and through some particular issue. It even helps just knowing someone struggles even if they are not overcoming something yet. We are able to connect; and draw hope from those stories you post. Sometimes the hope is through the fact of knowing we are not the only person who struggles (often daily) with the grind of life and sometimes the hope is drawn from your struggle with an issue that you have overcome. I think when you(or anyone) allow us a look into your soul it can be a powerful time. Not many let you see their soul. I know there are few I let see into the dark rooms and even the ones where my brightest joy resides. So thank you for your willingness to do so and for the hope and inspiration that comes from that. My bet would be some of the best blogs you do occur when something comes up and you write about it at the time regardless of a “schedule”.
    Thank you,

    • Thank you for your comments, Mark.
      I will totally continue to post as my heart leads.
      I do feel like the structure helps me a bit 🙂
      I hope others find it helpful as well.
      Thank you for being a faithful reader!

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