Star Wars, the Bible and some place in-between

Somewhere between awake and asleep is my time to review the adventures of the day with my boys. They say some really interesting things. Last night was no exception and it made me laugh long after I had said goodnight. Consider this a “Sunday funny”…

“The Lord’s Prayer” through the eyes of a child (that happens to be two imaginative little boys.)

Me: “Okay boys, it’s time to calm down, settle in and say our prayers. Remember show respect when praying to the Father.”

C: “Like in Star Wars?!”

Me: “What?”

C: “Luke’s Father?”

Me: “No, like in the bible. Jesus’ Father. God.”

Ri: “Jesus is in Star Wars?!

Me: “No…”

C: “Star Wars is in the bible?!”

Me: “No…”

C: “Jesus lives in the hearts of the people in Star Wars.”

Ri: “No he doesn’t. Star Wars isn’t real!”

C: “But Jesus is real and He lives in their hearts!!!”

Ri: “MOM! Does Jesus live in Star Wars guys hearts?!

Me: “Well…I really…”

C: “Not Darth Vador, but everybody else.”

Ri: “NO! Not Darth Maul!

Me: “Boys! Enough! That is between them and God! We cannot judge another person’s heart.” (Did I really just say that?!)

Ri: “Yeah. Especially if they don’t have one.”

As I closed the bedroom door while blowing them kisses, I had to smile about the conversation that just transpired between two inquisitive little boys and their mama. It made me envious of their young and innocent faith. Too often I put God in a box, as if to contain Him. To them, God is in everything. He is everything. He may even come in the form of a Jedi.

Who’s to say? People can change, right? Maybe Darth Maul turned from his evil ways. I don’t know? But I hope my boys continue to ask questions. Continue to challenge what is thrown out there at them and continue to grow their faith. If it takes illustrating God with Star Wars analogies, then so be it and “May the Force be with you!”

11 thoughts on “Star Wars, the Bible and some place in-between

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  2. Joy,

    Being a huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan I was excited to see today’s headline for your post. I would have to admit as a young boy/man that I choose characters in Star Wars and Star Trek to mode my character after. I really wanted to be like them in the sense that I would be a man of integrity, committed to the things I believed in, treated people correctly, was brave in the face of danger, and so on. So my character certainly has been weaved with elements from those two iconic stories.

    I was even a fan of Darth Vader in the sense I that even though I hated the things he did I liked that he was strong and that he was committed to what he believed. I have always found it appealing when someone sells out totally to what they believe. I also loved that as evil as Darth Vader was he was redeemed in the end. Imagine that; redemption taught about in a sci fi story. I love the scene right after Darth Vader had saved Luke; Luke tells Darth Vader in response to Vader telling him to leave him and escape Luke says he has to save him and Darth Vader’s response is “you already have”. I ‘m still moved by that scene.

    I always remember the scene where Luke tells Yoda that “I’m not afraid” and Yoda tells Luke “You will be”. That scene reminds me that reality is tough and we have to deal with our fears in order to achieve the things we desire.

    So I pray that your boys learn as much from Star Wars that I did.


    • That is a great scene, Mark!
      You’re right! They can learn a lot from the commitment, courage and redemption. I am still learning to speak in boy language so it makes me laugh when we have conversations like this one 🙂
      I love being a mom to boys. Never a dull moment.

  3. Joy, Really Star Wars isn’t real? Are you sure, I mean Chewbacca is such a big teddy bear and Yoda is just so smart and…are you sure? Love this post!! May the force be with you, too.

    • I think it’s like Santa Claus, Cathy. If you believe it’s real, then it’s real. It’s not hurting anyone. My youngest did not listen to his brother when he said it wasn’t real anyway. He knows the truth 🙂

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