“Serenity Now!”

I find myself using this phrase quite a bit when I am attempting to find my “happy place” during moments of stress. Well, I found it and it’s too good not to share with you.

Meet Rebecca. She is responsible for some of the most beautiful plants and flowers I have ever seen. Specializing in dahlias of all colors, shapes and sizes. Truly, I have yet to find their equal.

She has other various types of flowers as well. We brought home a beautiful hibiscus plant that will brighten up our front flowerbed. I have assured her I will send a picture as soon as we put it in the ground under the crape myrtles.

Rebecca is located in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, in the town of Cashiers, near Highlands. We have driven past her sign many times and never stopped, but on this particular day, I couldn’t help myself.

With macro lens in hand, I walked up to her porch to ask if I could take a few pictures of the exquisite garden. She was hesitant at first and the more I talked to her, the more I understood.

Rebecca is not only about surviving, she is about thriving. She raised 4 children as a single parent. Three boys and one girl, they are grown now and quite successful. She takes care of this plot of heaven on earth and calls North Carolina home.

She encounters all kinds of people from day to day, especially during the summer. Most are vacationers. Fortunately, she has wonderful, faithful customers. Unfortunately, she also has people drive up and start taking pictures of her beauties without even asking and when confronted, they shove their “I’m a professional photographer” garble in her face and make false promises to send her prints.

I compare that kind of behavior to someone coming up and snapping pictures of my children without my permission and then using the pictures for personal gain. NOT okay. So you can see why she was wary of me.

I had tucked my camera away and after a few minutes, she said that I was welcome to take pictures. When I say that I could have stayed there for hours capturing every intricate detail of these elegant masterpieces with their dainty petals, I am not exaggerating. And Rebecca is beyond knowledgeable about every single flower. She speaks of each one with such passion and adoration.

All of her plants are hand watered and they only receive organic nourishment. There are no pesticides or artificial anything added to them. The soil, the fertilizer, everything is prepared in such a way that the health of the flowers and their foliage is beyond reproach.

The reason I am sharing this with you is because I almost missed it. Do you hear me? I almost missed learning about this incredible lady who worked 17 hours a day to ensure that her children were fed, clothed, educated and had more than a roof over their heads.

Now, her fingernails stained with rich soil and her hands evident of the work she does, she tends to her gardens and shares the beauty of creation with anyone who wishes to partake. If you are in Cashiers, NC, you must stop by Rebecca’s Natural Gardens. Make sure you don’t miss the gift as I almost did and be sure to stay awhile and bask in her wisdom of God’s creation!

Below are pictures of my top 5 favorites. I was going to do 3, but it was too difficult to choose. And I thought 10 was too many. SO, here they are, in no particular order.

This is a dinner plate dahlia. It was larger than 10 inches and can grow to 12 inches around. Hence the name, dinner plate dahlia. I was completely enamored of it.

Look at the colors…the vibrant center. The camera doesn’t do them justice.

This is one of my favorites. We have a front row seat to the intoxicated bumblebee from the nectar of this flower. Clearly he prefers to only eat organic.


Clicking on a picture will open the gallery and allow you to scroll through. If you love a picture, please leave a comment under the one you like the most.
I’m a words of affirmation girl.

14 thoughts on ““Serenity Now!”

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  2. What spectacular gardens. I’m so glad you discovered Rebecca’s place, Joy. If I’m in the area I will make sure to seek it out. Thanks so much for sharing it. Really lovely.

    • She definitely has a gift. I plan to enjoy her gift as I look at our new plant and by visiting her any time we are in the area 🙂

  3. I’m always impressed with what people can do with flowers!! And impressed with people who can take such awesome pictures of them too!

    • Thank you Mark!
      You are always so encouraging!
      This place made me think of how God says heaven will have colors we have never seen. It’s difficult to wrap my mind around when in a place like this, but I believe Him 🙂

      • Joy,
        Recently I saw a study on TV and read about a study about how many different colors can the human eye distinguish between. According to the study it was around 2.4 million! I also read that there are some people that can do very much more than that. Personally I think I have saw about 1 million different shades of blue!! ha ha. It just blows me away what God created in just the color realm. What is that reference about color in heaven? thanks!

      • Revelation 21 describes heaven. It does not say that God said, we will see colors we have never seen. Maybe I got that from reading the book, “Heaven is for real.” 🙂

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