School Massacre: 20 Children, 6 Adults killed

connecticut-school-shooting-elite-daily-31God help us. Please…help us.
There have been lives lost. Among them, innocent children.
Instead of celebrating birth this season, mothers and fathers will be mourning the loss of their child. Instead of visiting the manager, they will bury their son or daughter.
We don’t pretend to understand.
I know that vengeance is yours and still my anger burns bitterly.
God, I don’t seek answers as much as I would ask you to come quickly and save us from the atrocities of which we are capable.
We are not a people on our knees, but instead on our pedestal. It is such a long way to fall.
May you fill our hearts and our minds.
Clear away the wreckage we create.
Make us a people who love our neighbor as ourselves.
Give us faith in the midst of adversity.
Teach us how to pray, Lord.
The pain is too deep.
The wound too fresh. It gapes open, hemorrhaging.
Voices fall silent as words are not enough and at the same time, too much.
Father, for those who are mourning the loss of their loved one tonight, please comfort them. Envelope them in your peace that passes all understanding. Quiet their restless and broken heart. May your whispers of truth be a salve for their soul.
God, we need you.
Hear my cry for mercy.
Be present.
Be here.
Be stability when there is quicksand.
Jesus taught us to pray saying, “Our Father…”
We are your children and therefore come to you now, as a child to a parent, longing for reassurance and hope.
Be near to us.
Our hearts are broken for the innocence lost.
Tonight we hold our babies closer. We thank God for giving us another chance, another day, another moment with our children.

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12 thoughts on “School Massacre: 20 Children, 6 Adults killed

    • I don’t think it’s a case of law. Honestly. I think that it starts in the mind and whether guns are legal or not, when someone premeditates a heinous crime like this one no law will stop them from carrying it out. Does that make sense?
      I may be wrong. I certainly don’t have the answers.
      I have been around those who use guns responsibly and those who use them irresponsibly and it’s all about the person to me.

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    • At the time this occurred I was taking pictures of two precious little girls. The oldest, dancing around her living room in footie pajamas. They are safe from this kind of evil. My son was in elementary school a few miles away from where I was. Upon hearing the news, I wanted to run go scoop him up and home-school for the rest of his life. What is life when based solely on fear? It’s not life at all.

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