Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

Among the weedsI was discussing with someone the other day how different my definition of beauty is from just a few years ago. It was a process, Evolving over time.

I wish I could explain the formula, but I can’t because honestly, it had little to do with me and much to do with God.

As a photographer I have prayed that God would give me His eyes. That he would show me things that seem average to the human eye, but when seen through his perspective are anything but.

He has done that. Not all at once, a little bit at a time. There are so many examples where,Diamond in the rough I believe, he has granted me access to spiritual sight and it’s absolutely beautiful.

I no longer attempt to define beauty. There is no one definition. Truly, beauty is undefinable. There is one thing I know. Beauty is important to God. He’s the one who created it to begin with. There is no denying it. All you have to do is look around and you will see Him everywhere in everything.

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10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

  1. Thank you for the Blessed messages each time and is strengthening my soul and to share with our people in India, we have much idolatry here, please pray for INDIA. In Jesus Love, Evangelist Babu.

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  3. Saw your name, Joy on FiveMinute Friday. Since I’m Joy also, I came for a visit. I’m a preacher’s kid too! Loved reading some of your posts. We chose the same format in WordPress! Enough of this “oh wow” stuff. Count me as one of your new followers.

  4. I just hopped over from Five Minute Friday. I love your take on beauty. I think God is the only one that can define ti and we need to look to Him, just as you have. Creation screams beautiful!

    • Thank you for stopping by, Carol! I haven’t participated in FMF for a while and one thing I love about it is the community of women.

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