You Are Not Alone

Depression is the feeling of great hurt or sorrow.
Intense thoughts that there is no tomorrow.

The thing that makes you wonder who you really are, going against yourself,
knowing there’s no wish upon a star.

The feeling that both your family and friends are too far to care.
And when grasping for hope, it’s just not there.

You ask God for help, His wisdom to teach,
Only to find, even He seems out of reach.

When you feel as though you’re in a hole, as everyone stares in wonder.
Unable to distinguish your cries from thunder.

When you can’t control the feelings that break your precious heart.
Confused, your feelings go far apart.

You feel as though you can’t be fixed.
Visions of sadness, confusion and fear are the mix.

Lost some one close, now they are gone far.
This, when depression happens, is where you are.

Written by Bella
12 years old

A word about the young Author…

Bella is my daughter. She is extremely bright, intelligent and spiritual.
She is constantly asking me if she will ever feel normal. Kid’s her age say she’s weird.
To which I respond, “I hope not! What’s good about normal? You are unique, you are beautiful, you are a masterpiece.”
Bella struggles, at times, with darkness.
I felt that it was important to give her voice a platform so that others her age could see that they are not alone and hopefully instead of feeling ‘weird’ they would see their uniqueness.
I believe, and yes, I am somewhat biased as she is my daughter, that she is incredibly expressive for her age and that she has more strength and courage than I will ever have.
God is going to do great things through this child and I am blessed and undeserving to have a front row seat as her mother.  ~Joy

If you are a parent of a child who struggles with darkness, check out To Write Love on Her Arms  for helpful resources and a step out into the light . Jamie Tworkowski is one of the founders. It all started in FL with his experience with Renee. You can read what he wrote about her here.

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