Secrets are to Sickness as Openness is to Wholeness

A follow up to Yesterday’s Post that my daughter wrote.

I have received enough mixed reviews about Bella’s post that I wanted to follow up with some clarity and insight about why I let her post on the blog.

First of all, Bella is doing great! She is happy, excelling in school, has several close friends and studies scripture more than I do.

From a very young age, Bella has been hungry for knowledge. Not necessarily the kind of knowledge that books can bring. More of a spiritual hunger that can only be fed by the Father.

She has been writing for years. She wants people to read what she has written in dark moments, in hopes that it will encourage them to bring their thoughts and fears into the light.

It’s one thing for me, at 35, to talk about what I went through years ago. Those things that were once wounds are now beautiful scars that serve as a reminder of God’s grace, unconditional love and faithfulness.

It’s quite another for my 13 year old to express with transparency, the road she has walked.

Here is what I know and what I have spoken into Bella’s heart since she was very little.

Secrets = Sickness
Openness = Wholeness

Does this mean that it is okay to verbally vomit to every passerby in hopes that it will be helpful? No! It’s about having self awareness and pure motives when sharing your journey.

If the post yesterday made you uncomfortable, good. The fact that one girl would share a page in a chapter of her story in hopes that thousands of others who suffer in silence would be encouraged, then it was well worth your discomfort.

Comfort does not bring about positive change. It never has.

When deciding which one of Bella’s writing’s to post, we agreed that this was the one.

She has written about crushes on boys, the beauty of nature and random thoughts that a girl thinks about. Those are well written, but she wants to make a difference in the world.

She wants to positively impact the lives of others. I will not hinder her quest or discourage what I believe to be a desire planted by God.

I am her biggest advocate. My prayer, as her mother, is to have all things point back to Christ (bad or good). That she will see the hand of the Father always on her and ever present in her circumstances.

I love that she knows that this earth is not her home because she is a child of The King. Treasured… sacred… born to be blessed.

She is the most amazing 13 year old I have ever met. I am honored that she lets me into her world. As I pray for guidance from the One who knows her best, I will not silence her voice.

5 thoughts on “Secrets are to Sickness as Openness is to Wholeness

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  5. Bella writes from her heart- not many have the courage to be so vulnerable. If my mother had stifled my voice at her age, I would not have been able to find my own way through the tumultuous and confusing place that adolescence was for me. You are an amazing parent and she is a fantastic person.

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