I have a confession to make

I am a believer and follower of Christ.
I have never exercised the discipline of giving up an indulgence in 
recognition of the days leading up to my Saviors last days on earth (Lent).
When praying about my character defects and having the willingness to relinquish them, 
the following came to me rather quickly.
1. I indulge myself in the approval of others. 
2. I don’t pray very well. and 
3. I want to see beauty in my physical imperfections, 
accepting that there is no such thing as perfection on this earth.
So, here it is. 
My simple prayer asking my Savior to strip me of ego 
as I meet Him in the stillness that only He can provide.
My youngest at 2 years old
Father, please teach me how to pray.
Please forgive me when I insult the work of Your hands.
Please forgive my foolish pride that longs for the approval of others.
That which does not satisfy and is quickly fleeting.
May all that I am and all that I know come from You, my Creator.I want to see the masterpiece.
Please show me, in a tangible way, what I am to You.

May I rest in Your arms, like a child with his mother, safe, peaceful and at one.
May I trust that what You say in Your word is true
and Father, when I doubt,
please quickly redirect my thinking.

I am but a weak and feeble version of Your splendor.
Help me remember that I am a child of the King

and one day I will shed this earthly suit.
That which will replace it is something that my mind cannot comprehend,
but I know that it will be my first encounter with perfection.Lord, while on this earth,

please use me up for Your glory
and may all of the credit be Yours as an example of
Your unwavering faithfulness, mercy and love.”
In Your name I pray…

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