While trying to come up with an incredibly deep and meaningful title for this post, that would be sure to grab the attention of anyone who glanced my way, the one word that kept coming to mind was, “Love.”

My mind will not slow down long enough for me to write something that expresses what is happening in my heart. As I think of my friend, her body being ravaged by cancer, I want to vomit. I don’t know what else to do, but come to this blank page and start thinking out loud.

At the same time, selfishly, I want to give you something that will leave you thinking that I’m brilliant. Something that will touch you so deeply that on your death bed you will think of this post and find peace. Crazy, right?! I know!

God forbid I just admit to the fact that everything I have written in the last 24 hours has sucked! I’m a work in progress. Egomaniac with an inferiority complex remember?! I want you to like me even if I don’t like you…and yahdee yahdah.

Funny (and not in a haha sorta way) thing is, I cannot put 5 words together to form anything worth your time it will take to read it.

As I sat upon my pitty pot of self-delusion, I did what anyone else would do in my situation…I checked my email. Forget actually trying to sleep. I may get an update on my friend’s condition and I cannot miss that…or wait until morning to read it!

There, in my email was a picture of a handwritten note from my daughter. Ironically enough, it was talking about love. Now, I realize that she is a lovestruck teenager who daydreams about her knight in shining armor, in other words, Justin Bieber, but I love what she wrote. Simple. To the point. True.

I love this kid! Her heart is so deep, her motives so pure and her faith so beautiful.

She doesn’t believe that. She thinks she is a nuisance. Now that may change tomorrow, but for tonight, she sees herself as something to be tolerated. What?! How is that possible?!

She told me between sobs what was troubling her. It made me ache. I want to fix it. I can’t.

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” ~Mother Teresa

Sometimes it feels as if all I am doing in love is hurting, while other times it is pure bliss. As I try desperately to get to my vague point, here is what I have been thinking about love since speaking with my Bella;

How do you find it? Does it find you?
Once you find it, or it finds you, how do you keep it?
While keeping it, how do you explain it to others?

Simple, but not easy…You live it.
In every thought.
Every word.
Every deed.
Every action.
Every response.

Don’t see this as an impossible feat. See it as an inspiring challenge…to love without getting tired.
Take every thought captive.
Think before uttering a word.
Act from a place of kindness.

Love really is the root of it all…or it should be anyway.
It’s where the adventure begins.
Once the search has begun, it is a lifelong journey, there is no going back.
It’s going to hurt and
It’s gonna be messy


It will also be wonderful and filled with purpose.

I’m going to be okay…
Bella will be okay…
You…will be okay.

“Love to be real, it must cost—it must hurt—it must empty us of self.” ~Mother Teresa

8 thoughts on “Love

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart, Joy. You started out thinking you had nothing and found a beautiful and poignant truth along the way. Your daughter has an amazing faith, and I’m willing to bet her mama is a great example. 🙂

    I’m so grateful for your comment at the Allume blog today, too.

    • Jana,
      Thank you. Thank you for reading and commenting. I usually have to process out loud to find the hidden truth in a situation 🙂
      Blessings to you, my beautiful friend.

  2. You’re right . Love is complicated in many ways because it does bring both joy and pain. You love your kids so much it hurts when you see things happening to them. If we didn’t love them we wouldn’t feel that pain. But also with that love comes joy. For me…more joy than pain . But either way it’s worth it. Love is not easy but you are right it is expressed through actions . My mom always said love is a verb. Thanks for this post!

    • Thank you for reading and commenting.
      I totally agree with your mom. Love is definitely a verb. Actions always speak loud than words.

    • Thank you Melva!
      I have cherished your encouragement in the email you sent. Please forgive me for my lack of response. Truly it means so much! Thank you.

  3. And love does hurt Joy… We hurt when those we love hurt… sometimes I think we hurt more than them …. wishing so we could take their pain away… knowing we can not…. Then love really manifests itself…. as we love them through it or strangly as we are trying to love them through it they love us…. Love will give us our greatest highs and our greatest fulfillment but also our greatest lows….. Is love worth it…. It so very much is….

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