Your Beloved needs You now

In the peacefulness of early morning
before even the sun has dispelled the darkness of night
there is praise on my lips.

It is You who wakes me from sleep
beckoning me
to embrace the stillness and quiet
while listening for Your voice.

make me acutely aware of Your presence
in my coming in and going out
in each conversation in which I engage.

May You always be at the forefront of my mind
first in my heart
anchoring my soul and stirring my spirit.

Calm my anxious thoughts
dissolve my fear
with the gentle reminders of Your faithfulness.

Expose my lack of faith
so that the light may extinguish its power
search me, know me
completely and fully.

Your will is not my will
compared to You
I am but a vapor.

How can I not trust
how can I not believe
how can I not call on You in the early hours of morning
throughout the day and
into the evening.

When this world is everything but
You are grace
You are hope
You are light
You are life

Your magnificence is all around me
and yet, at times, it is as if I am blind
open my eyes to Your splendor.

Open my ears to the sounds of creation
Your creation
filling the earth with songs to You.

When I seek solace in things of this world
draw me back to You
my Provider, Protector, Comforter
my Resting Place.

Let me not seek out grandiose events
but rather delight in each moment
may everything I do
everything I am
be pleasing to You.

Take captive every thought
and before it becomes a word
may it be gratifying to You
before it becomes an action
may it honor and glorify You.

Lord, in whom I put my trust
You do not leave me here in the silence
You are everywhere I look
If only I had faith like a child.

Look at the work of Your hands
You are in every detail
nature screams of Your divine providence
evidence of You cannot be ignored

Even in my grieving
I find comfort
in the undeniable truth that
You are in all things.

Before time began
as centuries have passed
now and in the future
You remain unchanged.

Less of me
more of You
this life is fragile
I don’t want to waste a moment.

Even so, I know that this earth is not my home
help me make eternal investments
in the time that I have
until I am made complete
when in Your presence

And by Your power
all is made well.



“Childlike wonder”




“Master Creator”

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