Look around…there’s beauty everywhere

I am more than elated to be hosting my sister, the incredibly gifted, Jennifer Riley. To say that she is talented would be the understatement of the year. To call her designs genius would be like calling Michael Angelo, average.

If you’ve already met her you know that she is the kind of person who you want to refer to as “best friend” shortly after being introduced.

By every sense of the word, Jennifer is one of the most talented and creative people I have ever known. Her arrangements give people goosebumps. Onlookers will stand, mouth gaping while those next to them whisper, “Have you ever seen anything like that?!

The answer would be “No.” No one has seen anything like it because there is no one like her. Jennifer takes beautiful flowers and other various materials and puts them together, sprinkling some kind of magic dust on them before setting them out for the enjoyment of others.

Her work has appeared in magazines, newspapers and venues all over the country and it always leaves people asking, “Who did these arrangements and where can I find her?

I totally get that you may be thinking, “Well, she’s biased. It’s her sister.” While it gives me an incredible sense of pride to call her sister, her work speaks for itself.

Jennifer’s exquisite handwriting is considered a necessity to those wanting to make a lasting impression with their invitations. So I thought it would be fun to have her answer the questions I had for her and take pictures of the paper to post for you to read.

Are you ready for this? It’s an interview/spotlight post like no other!

Let’s do this!

1.~ What inspires you?

2.~ How do you put up with all of the demands? I couldn’t do it.

3.~ Have you always loved creating beauty/or should I say, arranging beauty to make it more beautiful?

4.~ Your work has been described as “Exquisite.” “Like nothing else around.” Unique.” Beauty with a twist.” “Fun.” “Better than anyone else out there.” What do you think about these statements describing the work of your hands?

5.~ You were recently chosen to create more than 700 arrangements for the 2012 Kentucky Derby. That must have been a daunting task. In cases like that, do you find it difficult to remain motivated? Are you able to ignite the passion in those working with and for you?

6.~ Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

7.~ If you could give solid advice to one aspiring designer, what would it be?

From baby showers to weddings, corporate events and home decorating, the options are limitless. Here are some pictures of Jennifer’s craftsmanship for your viewing pleasure.

When seeing one of Jennifer’s designs, there will be no question who the artist is. She has a style all her own. One that, though many have tried, cannot be replicated.

I am so grateful that she would take time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for us and share from her album of work. She currently takes her own photos, but I’m thinking of putting in a bid. (Just kidding, sis)

If there is anything that you would like to ask her, please comment in the section below. She’s no different than any of us creative types when it comes to hearing praise about our work. So don’t hold back!

Find her on facebook by clicking here.
Be on the lookout for her website, coming soon.
You may also contact her through the information on her business card.

11 thoughts on “Look around…there’s beauty everywhere

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  3. Joy- thank u for this amazing write-up! U r so talented and have a true gift from God! I am so blessed to know u and have u has my sister and friend! I admire and treasure u greatly!!!!

    • I appreciate your “Thank You.”
      Your talent goes far beyond anything you have yet to imagine. The future is so bright it’s blinding. And it’s yours to take hold of and shape. The best is only just beginning. How exciting is that?! 🙂

  4. Joy,

    I enjoyed the way you put this post together. That was creative in itself.


    I approach my work much as you do. I always want to exceed expectations which is a never ending challenge. Once you do that then expectations rise and you have more of a challenge to exceed those. Beautiful work Jennifer and your handwriting as well is great. Do you read your sister’s blog frequently? She creates beautiful things out of words; weaving them together to tell stories and to inspire. Is there a place to see your Kentucky Derby Flower arrangements?

    • Mark,
      Thank you for your kind words!
      You are always so encouraging and I appreciate that a great deal.
      Jennifer does read my blog 🙂
      As for her derby photos, that’s an excellent question. The picture of the red roses and berries is one from the derby. I will find out.

    • Hi mark, thank u for ur encouraging words!!! I do read joy’s blog- she is incredible and so talented!!!
      The photos from the derby will b on my website- hopefully up by August 15th.
      Thank u for acknowledging my creations and joy’s extraordinary writing!!!

      • Hi Jennifer,
        I came back to look at your work and your writing again today and it is still as impressive as the first time I saw it. I hope you are doing well and hope someone soon is going to be taken back by your next creation!

  5. Joy, everything you say about your sister is right on the mark. She is an “arrangement” straight from God, wild and crazy but incredibly beautiful, inside and out. The best thing, though, is to get a package from Jennifer in the mail. The outside is completely “decorated” and I’m sure it creates quite a stir in the post office. She’s The Best!!!

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