Five Minute Friday: Here

This post began as a Five Minute Friday post, but continued long after the timer sounded. Something in me could not stop writing and I think that’s okay. There is much stress in life, right now, today. And so my mind drifts…to a place far less stressful…a haven…here.

Here there is no shortage of beauty
The wildflowers grow just beyond the moss sprinkled fence and
roots intertwine to make an adventurous pathway
Here, where the trees touch the heavens
and the mushrooms look like artwork
Here, where the spider spins his masterpiece
while the river cascades over rocks and branches
down a path not yet discovered
Here, where the only thing heard is the sound of
the earth beneath our feet as we walk to the
waterfalls that willing flow down the granite to the body below.
Here, where little boys are transformed into giants,
ninja’s, pirates and superhero’s
Here, where the fire is warm when the sky opens up
to water the earth
Here, where the mountains ascend from green grass
and reflect their magnificence onto the water below
While cotton like clouds sit suspended against the blue sky

Here, where nap time is not only encouraged, it’s required
Here, where I long to residebreathing in deeply while the
sun warms my face and the breeze cools my neck under my long hair.

Here, where heaven is everywhere and God makes Himself known without saying a word.
Where is your here when the noise of life becomes intrusive?

10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Here

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  2. I agree with Mark and you Joy, I find my hiding place as I read. I just finished “Coming Home” by Karen Kingsbury. What a special book about families and the heartache and blessing they can give. Yes, my hiding place is in the books I read. Thanks for your time on this Five Minute Friday!

  3. I’m visiting from Lisa-Jo’s blog, and I’m so grateful! This post, and the pictures that accompany it, is beautiful. Calming, centering, and a good reminder of how nature can bring us back to a place of connection and grace. I’m glad you wrote for five minutes and kept going…reading your post was like opening a gift. Thank you 🙂

  4. You know Joy,
    I thought “this is a hard question for me.” Where is that place for me? Where is my hiding place? Where do I retreat to? Besides retreating to the comfort of being in the mist of my family I could think of no other physical place. I then realize what I have always know and that is my hiding place is in the pages of a good book. I travel there and get lost and leave the world behind for a while. I explore, learn, and find solace in those places far from the stress of life.

    • Mark,
      I completely agree. A good book transports me to places I couldn’t otherwise go and I quickly become lost, in a good way.
      Thank you for checking on me yesterday. Life has become very busy and loud. It is more work to find my center, but I insist on dwelling there, even if for a little while 😉

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