Accentuating Beauty: Part 2


You’ll remember from last week’s post, Ariel gave us a step by step tutorial on how to accentuate our beauty while highlighting our best features. Today, we will transition from “day” to “evening” make-up.

* Add darker eye shadow all over the eyelid making the eyes look smokey.
* Smudge the eyeliner and thicken the line on the top lid

This also helps the smokey look and adds more drama to the eyes.
* Place eyeliner on the inner bottom eyelid.
This frames the eyes making them stand out.
* Add a little more concealer for a clean look under the eye
Having a clean fresh look under the eyes with a night look is important.
Darkness under the eyes (especially with dark eyes) can make you look sick.
* Apply the Shimmer Brick (Bobbi Brown) along the cheek bone.
This adds shimmer and when the light hits the cheekbones it is gorgeous.
* Define the lip with lip liner.
This helps the lip color last longer because it acts like a primer.
* Brush a darker lipstick on the lips, two coats.
This makes the lips look full and more pronounced.
Lipstick makes a statement and completes the night look.
Annnnnnnd the finished product
Stunning, right?

Let’s recap:


Day look


What do you think? Is it feasible for you to do these steps?
What’s holding you back from trying something new?

Ariel is a busy mama to
two beautiful girls.
She is always on the go.
If anyone knows how to make a process more efficient, she does.
There is no need to compromise looking your best when
you become a mom.
In fact, we think it’s a
reason to celebrate.
Take a minute to comment, ask a question or tell us about your favorite beauty product in the section below.
We will choose a name at random next Wednesday to win
an eyelash curler, a tube of Bobbi Brown primer and mascara.
How fun is that?!
You must leave a comment below to be in the drawing.

Next week, Ariel will answer all questions asked from
Accentuating Beauty: Part 1
and today’s post.


10 thoughts on “Accentuating Beauty: Part 2

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  2. I don’t know why I was thinking today was Thursday!
    Looking forward to your post tomorrow Ariel.
    Do you have contact information for follow-up?
    Thanks! I hope tomorrow will not be the last one in the series.

  3. Hi!
    I cannot wait for the post tomorrow with the list of products and answer to the questions. Also, How do we book a session with Ariel?

  4. Melissa you look beautiful! The night look is definitely new…. Hope you took David out for a night on the town :p to the blogger: my fav piece of make up is a Chanel kohl eye pencil in white, I put it onthe inside of my lower lids during day time to make myself look more awake 🙂 fun to watch the process done on my sissy though!!!

  5. What a fun series Joy! 🙂 Love this….Ariel did such a great job and Melissa looked beautiful! My favorite beauty product is Dermologica foundation. It’s creamy and light (water base) and doesn’t crease.

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