Five Minute Friday: Welcome

I’ve been awake since four and when I finally decided to get up the first thought that came to mind was, “It’s been nine years.” I snuck downstairs and opened my laptop to see what the FMF prompt would be and how it might relate to this anniversary. This is what I found.

I’m a big definitions girl. I like to see a word dissected into smaller words and explained in black and white. When reading the definition of welcome this part caught my eye; used to indicate that one is relieved to be relinquishing the control or possession of something to another. Today, if you ask me what I think of this word as it relates to my relationship with the #1 man in my life, this is what I would say…

Nine years ago today, the man of my dreams vowed to love me forever.
To support me in mind, body and spirit.
To walk with me down whatever path we were led.
To love my daughter as his own.
He welcomed me in a way that no one ever had.
He knew all most of the good, the bad and the ugly.
He saw something that even I could not see.
Maybe I didn’t see it then, but I have gladly relinquished control of my heart into his keeping.
Looking back, I am humbled and delighted at where God has brought us over the last 10 years.
We now have these incredible children. Two of which are boys.
I love seeing Chris with our boys! They try to fill his size 13 footprint, but they are still learning and growing, striving and reaching.
Chris welcomes the challenge of being an exemplary father to our sons.
It is not always easy, but he knows that their feet are quickly catching up to his and one day they will welcome a family of their own.
We welcome this time in our journey when we can watch our children explore and discover.
We welcome another anniversary signaling God’s presence in our lives throughout another year.

19 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Welcome

  1. Happy anniversary you crazy kids! I wish you many more years of love, understanding, passion, and dreams fulfilled. Can’t think of a couple that deserves it more. Love you guys.

  2. This is very intriguing, You are a quite skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to looking for far more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve shared your internet web site in my social networks!

    • Thank you, Julia.
      There are days when I am so overwhelmed by the grace of my Savior that I am left utterly speechless.
      Love and Light to you, my sweet friend.

  3. So happy that you have that in your relationship. It’s so encouraging to know that there are men out there that take their responsibilities as Christ-followers, husbands, and fathers – men of God – seriously. Trusting that God will bring that to me one day.

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  5. I like looking at words as well. Maybe not the detail you speak of but I do like knowing what it is exactly supposed to mean and how other meanings of the word fit in.

    “Maybe I didn’t see it then, but I have gladly relinquished control of my heart into his keeping.”
    What an awesome statement of love.

    Happy Anniversary!

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