Why balance is overrated

balancingI have used the phrase, more than once, “I just need to find the right balance in my life.” Whether it be with work and home, dreams and reality, me-time and mommy-time, I have defaulted back to this phrase.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t ever find myself striving for balance. I love extremes. It’s how I’m wired…I guess. If I’m going to play, I’m gonna go all out!

The definition of balance changes from person to person. It’s personal. It’s all about how you look at it and what your capacity is. Am I wrong? (Feel free to disagree in the comments. I love a healthy debate.)

I have been thinking about this so much since having a dream the other night encompassing my fear, doubt and excitement with life in my current circumstances.

I was standing on a plank no bigger than my two feet. It was supported by a metal pole and held by someone I didn’t recognize and couldn’t see from my estimated view of 200 feet in the air.

The fear was so real. I had the bitter taste in my mouth. Recalling it now makes me grateful it was a dream.

Just when I was swaying, trying to get my balance, a friend who was sitting on a wall behind me, reached her hand out and said, “Here. Take my hand. I’ll pull you back on the wall.” I glanced down and felt queasy trying to focus on the ground below.

“I can’t.” I answered. “I have to do this! I just need to get my balance.”

The thought of sitting back on that wall made me wilt. Thinking about it now, I know that’s the place I was before taking this wild leap of faith. I know the friend represents all of the relationships I cherish from the position that I left.

Change is hard and I’m pretty confident this dream was about the big life change I have made in my career. However, it could pertain to several areas of my life right now.

I have some critics who want to see me fail. Those who accost me at every turn with why something won’t work. If only they knew how much that fuels my determination. (I guess now maybe they do?) The great thing about critics is they demand that I be on my game. Their sarcasm and thoughtless remarks provoke my creativity. Don’t get me wrong, I get discouraged and introspective when criticism is presented in any way other than constructive.

I also have incredible support from people who love me and want to see me succeed. Those who speak truth into my heart and mind. When I get seemingly too close to the edge, they offer me a hang glider instead of negotiations.

So now the choice is mine. Who will I allow to influence my future? Who will I give access to my decisions? Who do I listen to?

Here is what I know…my Heavenly Father knows my name. He beckons me with His unrelenting pursuit of my heart. Though everything around me changes, He remains. My Constant…my Deliverer…my Redeemer. He cares about the decisions affecting my life. He cares about my pursuits. When I focus on this truth, the naysayers fall silent and their opinion has even less no bearing on my present and future.

Can you relate to my failed attempts at reaching that perfect balance? When did you discover that it doesn’t exist?

Resources worth sharing:
followAndy is unwrapping a series called “Follow” from North Point Community Church. It has given great insight into the things I consistently read, say and do. He made a statement in the most recent message that has been on repeat in my thoughts and prayers as I make a valiant effort to integrate it into my daily life. “When our faith intersects with His faithfulness, everything changes.” 

Here’s a great post by the beautiful, talented and wildly successful, Joy Phenix Joy Phenix
about “Life Blending” instead of “Life Balance.”
“So often, we mentally put our commitments on an invisible teeter-totter, hoping to distribute our obligations evenly. The theory is that balance brings calmness.  The thinking is if we distribute our work evenly, then we’ll be less tired, less stressed, less guilty about our choices, and happier.  The problem is, life isn’t even.” read more…

(credit for balancing photo at top of page goes to google)

4 thoughts on “Why balance is overrated

  1. Joy, This makes so much sense to me. I struggle with balance. I don’t know how to do something or like/dislike something just a bit. I am a person of extremes. I work on that, but have accepted that I am a person of passion. Maybe that is just an excuse. I also understand feeling the need to prove the critics wrong. I quit my job, am going to college, and have no idea what comes next. When people ask me what I am thinking…I say I am following God’s will in my life and I am letting Him do the thinking. They just shake their heads and walk away.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Cathy,
      I love that! You are following God’s will and letting Him do the thinking. I have found that the more people shake their heads and walk away from me, the closer I am to being on the right track. Often times genius doesn’t make sense to those who cannot see it 😉 Is that an excuse?!
      I quit my job to pursue what I am confident is God’s will for my life. And you know, it feels incredible.
      You are exactly where you are meant to be.
      Love and Light to you on this journey.

  2. Joy,
    I do not think anyone ever has “balance” in their life. At any point in time we must give over to imbalance because life demands it and if we are going to give things in our lives what they deserve other things will not get time or attention. We have to manage imbalance all the time. As we give time to the things we deem most important other things can get little and that is as it should be. When you have a newborn you shift your balance to taking care of them. When you start a new career it demands that you give it time in order to do it well. When someone is hurt you shift all of your resources to help them. Life is not about balance but managing our time according to that which needs it at that particular time. Some may call that a balancing act but really it is about making choices that align with your priorities.

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