Baby Asher

Many of you have asked me the story behind the cover picture on my Facebook page. I want to tell you. I want you to know who Asher is. Honestly I haven’t had the words to adequately describe the experience.

So, I wrote him a letter in hopes to honor Lindsey and let her son know what a remarkable mother he has.

Today marks one week since baby Asher was born. He lived outside the womb for 24 hours. In that time, he was adored by all who were fortunate enough to meet him. No one treasured him more than his mother, Lindsey. I will never forget following her hand through the lens of my camera as she gently ran her finger along the contours of his little frame. She didn’t miss a single detail. She made sure she knew every line in his palm and wrinkle in his foot. She breathed in the smell of his skin. She delicately touched his head, feeling his baby soft hair beneath her finger tips. She memorized his face. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

I am one of the fortunate few who met this special child and told him how precious he was. I will not go into details about the time I witnessed of Asher’s life on this earth. It’s not my story to tell. When Lindsey is ready, she will tell it and eventually I will write more of this little one who left such a huge imprint on my heart.

Asher Knox MartindaleDear Asher,

One week ago, today, we were all anxiously awaiting your arrival. I had met your mom and dad only the day before, but this experience would bond us for a lifetime.

From the moment you came into this world, you were adored. Your mama had a head start on the rest of us. She had been feeling your kicks and movements in her belly for months. You were her constant companion. She loved you long before seeing you.

I had the privilege of capturing your daddy’s face the first time he saw you. He loves you so much, precious boy. It’s such a difficult thing for a dad to watch his child struggle, knowing he cannot step in and save the day. Because he would have, darling. He would have traded places with you in a moment. You could see it all over his face.

Here is what I want you to know, little one. Your mom is so brave. Her courage is more than admirable. She has fought for you from the very beginning. She knew that medical facts showed little chance you would survive. She heard the doctor’s words and knew the odds that were stacked against you. She also knew that she would carry you, in her belly, as long as she could. She would give you life and if only for a moment, hold you in her arms, sheltering you from the coldness of this world, whispering lullaby’s in your ear.

I was witness to incredible love, sweet Asher. Your mama loves you extravagantly.

She wants all who know her, and those who don’t, to hear your story and know your name. You were a little champion. I am so, so grateful to have met you. You were wonderfully made and your life has great purpose.

Your mommy and daddy miss you, darling. There are so many tears. There are also beautiful memories of a day filled with…you. Your life. Your story. Your purpose.

Your legacy will continue. Your name will be spoken in many circles. Your memory will outlive us all. Those who know your mom are forever changed by her courage, faith and unconditional love.

You are beautiful. You are loved. You are chosen. Now may you rest in the arms of the Savior who spoke life into being. You are safe. You are well. You are home.

Love and Light,
(the girl behind the lens)

18 thoughts on “Baby Asher

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  4. I lost a wonderful healthy teenaged son very suddenly, with no warning-the first responders were sent by 911 from miles away instead of the fire dept IN SIGHT of the ball field- a :nurse” who ran up did nothing. I trusted these people, not knowing knowing what was my son, who had no symptoms of a sudden heart issue. When I found out, a few weeks later, that when no one was there who should have been, my pounding on his heart would have likely saved him, until the ambulance finally came.I t shattered me. i have almost died 5 times, my faith is gone.My family relations have suffered-I blames so may people. nothing helps, m guilt ,misery, loneliness has taken so many things I once was.

    I totally understand Asher’s mom deciding to spend even moment she had with him, even if most of it was in utero. What a brave woman. I am often ashamed at my difficulty in responding to my 5 other kids and 6 grands now. I try to explain that I do not love the one I lost MORE, but speaking of him, writing about him and such is all I have, while I have them to touch, talk to, share live with. Only a mom who has lost a child can understand this.

    I hope that Asher’s mom has another chance to love and nurture a child throughput his/her life. She will surely cherish every moment, while never forgetting Asher and his great gift to her.
    What a touching story.

    If your’d like to read more about my son, the orgnization that tries to prevent such unnecessary deaths and what you can do to help, pleae read my articles on beebeesworld at

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your story. I agree, only mothers who have lost a child can truly understand.
      Blessings to you!

  5. Joy,
    Grateful that you were such a part of Asher’s story and Team Martindale’s story. I truly hope that you are able to continue to use your gifts to bring hope, joy, and peace to family’s who need it so badly.

  6. Thank you for taking the time and love to talk so lovingly about my nephew and Lindsey and of course, baby Asher. They truly are the most honorable and courageous couple I know. The dedication to a baby they knew they would only hold in their arms for a few minutes but in their hearts forever. Thank you again. Marilyn Clark

    • They are a wonderful couple, Marilyn. I learned a lot about God’s love through watching them with Asher. It was beautiful.
      I am honored to have been included in their time with their son.
      Take Care,

  7. Joy,
    This was so beautifully written. Thank you for documenting his short life on camera. You’re so incredibly talented. I feel so robbed to not have met Asher, but his memory will live on through your photo journal and Lindsey’s stories. Thank you!

  8. Joy, as Asher’s Mother, I cannot express in words what this article means to me. That little boy has changed my life entirely and I am so glad outsiders were able to see the love that Justin and I have for our son. And yes, I will tell Asher’s story . Maybe not today or tomorrow, but I will share it with everyone, as he is too beautiful not to let everyone know who he is and how precious God made him. All God’s children are special, but Asher, he is a different kind of special. God put every single person in our lives that day, including you. There are no accidents, as he had a plan. You were part of that plan and are now forever a part of our family Joy. I love you for all you have done and for being you .

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