I’m Coming Home…

I have talked with many of you since seeing the movie “Lone Survivor.” It has changed me and I plan to write about it very soon.

I watched this video today that shows families reactions to soldiers coming home. Again, I wept. Shouldn’t we all weep knowing that these men and women spend months, sometimes years away from their loved ones and risk their lives for our freedom? The same freedom that so many of us see as free.

Darlins’, we need all be weeping.


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2 thoughts on “I’m Coming Home…

  1. Joy,

    Our son Levi was in the ARMY and deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq twice, and Haiti. He was stationed in Tacoma Washington about as far away from home as he could get in the USA. It was often rough just not knowing if he was ok or not. It certainly made us realize we really could do nothing to protect him; that God alone could do that. Humbling to realize that was the way it had been all along anyway. Thankfully he completed his service and came home safe in all ways.

    We saw Lone Survivor as a family and knew the way they put themselves on the line that Levi had done that often. I spoke to one of Levi’s base commander’s once and we talked about when someone enlisted the reality was that the whole family was enlisted. We praised God for telephone calls, Skype, and trips home.

    We are thankful for all who serve this country in the military because the freedom we are so richly blessed with is most certainly not free.

    • Hi Mark,

      I don’t know how I missed this comment!
      I am so grateful to your son, Levi for serving so selflessly and to your family for supporting his efforts. I fully agree that the entire family is enlisted.
      Give him a big hug and thank you from me 😉

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