Screaming through closed lips

I have the answer to the question all of us wrestle in the depths of our soul. I’m walking around with the key to eternal life. I have the ability to provide hope to the hopeless and shine light in the darkness. How can I not tell absolutely everyone I meet about Jesus? How can I not share that this week symbolizes the entire purpose of my life as a follower of Christ? How can I not be joyful always?

IMG_1946May I be honest with you? Today…I wasn’t joyful. Today, I didn’t emanate the light of the world. Today, I kept to myself, annoyed by most everyone whom I felt got in my way. Today, I made excuses and rationalized my weaknesses.

Jeff Henderson made a statement in his message on Sunday that will forever stay with me, hopefully at the forefront of my mind. He said,
God is not your punisher, He’s your rescuer.
Don’t miss this. Read it out loud.

God is not your punisher
He’s your rescuer.

IMG_7819He went on to say, “If more people knew this truth not only would they not drift away from church or from Jesus, they would run to Jesus. They would run to their rescuer.”

Isn’t that a powerful word picture? Who came to mind when you pictured someone running into the shelter of the Savior?

This is big. Understanding of this one thing could change absolutely everything.

If I believe this, can I honestly look into the eyes of the postal worker stamping “certified mail” on my state tax return and not tell him about the peace that passes all understanding? When seeing the downcast demeanor of the girl behind the check out counter, how could I not tell her about my Jesus who rescued me from myself?

I keep within me this overwhelming gratitude for what my Savior did for me. Sometimes it’s so powerful I cannot contain it. I have to lift my hands or close my tear filled eyes and say out loud, “Thank you. Jesus. Thank you for saving me. I was lost, but now I’m found. Thank you for grace that saved a wretch like me.”

If grouped into categories, I would be with the worst kind of sinners. There are “Christians” I know who would not be associated with me in an effort to protect and promote their own reputation. And yet, the Savior of the world calls me by name and reminds me that I am his chosen one. Was I the only human being in need of saving, still he would have died the most gruesome of deaths to rescue me from eternal darkness.

It’s almost too much for my brain to comprehend. It certainly isn’t deserved or earned. I want everyone to know this God…the God of my rescue.

What if, just this week, we viewed him this way?
What if, just this week, we approached the throne of grace with a new-found hope and praise on our lips.
What if, just this week, we embraced the sacrifice and acknowledged that the maker of heaven and earth paid the ultimate price for our freedom because…He thinks we’re worth it.

The King has paid my ransom and by his wounds…I am healed.Face and Cross

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6 thoughts on “Screaming through closed lips

  1. I also needed to be reminded that Jesus is our rescuer, every day it seems I need rescued from something. Thank you so much for this message, a reminder, we should be out there telling others. May you have a very blessed Easter Day!

  2. Joy,
    I wonder if we are not all “the worst kind of sinners” and that being one who chooses to ignore our rescuer; who turns our back on Him, who believe we are in control, whose pride won’t let us surrender, whose actions regardless what they are shout I don’t need you. Sometimes I’m tempted to think those who look down on us “worst kind of sinners” are really worse off. I then think the worst sin in not what we indulged in but it is the ignoring of our maker and the Lord of all.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. . . Today hasn’t been one of my best, either.
    But if I stop to think that Jesus rescued me – – – – – oh! how much he had to resuce! Thank you Lord Jesus! I know the One who can resuce ANYONE! Why do I not shout it from the hilltops and the valleys and the city streets that are rife with people lost in their sins and their fear and loneliness? How can I walk down the street and not smile at the stranger who doesn’t want to look me in the eye, not at the very least have a tract in my hand to give them without a long sermon? Why do I mumble something about ‘being alive’ when asked ‘how are you today?’ Why can’t I have an answer on my lips that will glorify the God who rescued me and can rescue ANYONE!?

    Thanks for the reminder.

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