To The One Looking For A Second Chance…

JCP-A piece of earth drenched in the splendor of HeavenMaybe you don’t even realize that’s what you’re looking for?
Maybe you’re searching for a way out of your current circumstances?
Maybe you’re longing for someone to look at you, truly seeing you for the first time, and say, “I know. I’ve been there. I’ve walked in those same shoes and I made the single choice to step off the crazy train.”?

Maybe you think you’re beyond a second chance?  Sweet friend, no one, created in the image of God, (and that’s all of us), is ever beyond a second chance. No one. You are worth saving.

There is life to be lived.
There is beauty to be had.
There is light to be shared.

However, it will not work in isolation.

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1 thought on “To The One Looking For A Second Chance…

  1. Joy,
    I loved your 5 R’s…redeemed, restored, renewed, rebuilt, rescued. I was thinking and wonder your thoughts. Are we not all redeemed by what Christ did and that has come first…. then by claiming that redemption are we not rescued? Then our soul, minds, and bodies are rebuilt and our lives restored and then renewed often with our focus on our Redeemer. I think you have a book there Joy. 🙂
    I do wish Joy in my life all I needed was a second chance but unfortunately I’ve needed 3rds, 4ths and more. Thanks for the grace of God and ones who love us for all those chances.

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