Beauty, the Beast and the Product of the Week: Mascara

This week, my favorite product is… (drum roll please!)

What? MaybellineVolum’ Express the falsies in blackest black.

You can find it at most drug stores, Ulta, Target, and some grocery stores.

Why? I have seen so many mascara companies claiming to provide results that only false lashes can bring. This product actually makes me look and feel as if I have thicker, longer lashes. I love a product that does what it says! (see pics below)

Cost? Under $10

I love these results! It opens up the eyes and enhances the color.

Properly accentuating the eyes is the most cost effective way to give yourself an instant boost.

What do you think? Is it worth a try?

It’s easy to play. Here’s what you do:

1. List your favorite product or routine in the comments section below (it has to be something that you have tried.) Answer these 4 things, 1. What (Is the product or routine?) 2. Where (can you find it?) 3. Why (do you love it?) 4. Cost (ballpark figure, less than $10, less than $20, and so on.)
2. You may have 100 things, like I do when it comes to mascara, moisturizer and the things we would have a hard time choosing between if asked, “Out of these things, what 1 thing would you take if stranded on a desert island?” You can list a new one each week. Start with your favorite.
3. Before you know it, we will have an amazing list of products loved by real people. We will pick one favorite each week.

Please share this with your friends and in no time we will have a list to rival anything that the magazines are flashing.

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