One Word: Enough

This year, beginning now, my word is “Enough.”
When taking the One Word 365 challenge, the word that kept coming to mind is “Enough.” What?! What does that even mean?! I want a better word.

Well, it has become abundantly clear that it is my word and I have been learning what it means. I hope to continue learning over the next several months. Here is what I know so far…

I want to improve of course, continually moving forward, not staying where I am. Complacency is a curse. However, I am Enough. I am not less than. I am not remarkable. I am Enough.

My House is Enough.
It is a home. A safe haven. A shelter from the world. It is Enough.

My Job is Enough.
It is a place for me to grow and fellowship with other believers. I am influencing the lives of precious children, laying the foundation of their faith. What an enormous responsibility. I will continue to dream of that which my heart longs for and has yet to do, while resting in the blessing of what I am doing now.

My Faith is Enough.
Hear me when I say that I must nurture and grow in my faith daily through constant communion with the Savior. What I mean by Enough is that, if I were to die today, I don’t believe that God would say to me, “If only you had three more days worth of faith, you would have been good Enough.”I believe in Christ. He came, He died, He rose. It’s Enough.

The Cross is Enough.
There is nothing I have done or ever will do that exceeds the redemption of the cross. Christ, a sinless, blameless, perfect being, took on all of my nastiness and paid for it on Calvary. The Ultimate Sacrifice is Enough.

There is so much more to come on this. I hope that you’ll stick around and learn with me. I have never “felt” like Enough. This year I will explore what Enough really means as I am not sure that I have ever truly known.