Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey

A Boy's Journey
by Joy Cannis

We walk down the path together when suddenly he pulls his hand from mine.
“I want to go this way.” he says.

Without hesitation he turns and begins to walk down the dirt path towards the bridge, crossing the creek.

It’s my first glimpse into his journey from boy to man.
From reliance to independence, hesitancy to determination, dependent to provider.

I want to protect him from all of the madness of the world. For a short time, I will.

Every journey reaches a place of letting go. This is rather painless for some while difficult for many.

One moment I’m singing lullaby’s and the next he has a family of his own.

No matter the path chosen, we must enjoy the journey. So that when the time comes for reflection of one’s life, there are minimal regrets and bountiful blessings.

I look forward to the weekly photo challenge each week. It has sparked my creativity and challenged me in the most wonderful ways. To see other bloggers depictions of the weekly photo challenge or to share your own, click here.