Father, here I am
my petitions laid out before You
as a day of uncertainty is dawning

It is You whom I trust
not I
I grow weary at the slightest task
Your strength endures

My heart is heavy with my will
it longs to delight in Yours
though You remain silent
the peace from Your faithfulness
calms my restless mind

Speak into my being
I beg You
search me
reveal where faith is lacking

I trust You
my Savior
I need You
my Deliverer

This world and all of its wickedness
has filled my dreams throughout the night
until I awoke
heart pounding
gasping for a breath of truth

Here I am
exhausted from a night of wrestling darkness

I come to this place
before dawn
between sleep and the demands of the day
my quiet sanctuary

Where else would I go
my King
my Lord
my Redeemer
You are all there is

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