Five Minute Friday: Stay

Words, quotes, statements, pleas, heartbreak, uncontrolled happiness… all flooded my mind when I read Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday prompt.


How many times and in how many ways do I use this word?

With my husband;
Can’t you stay in bed a little longer.
Can you stay with the boys while I run some errands.
Thank you for staying even when it wasn’t easy.
I could stay right here, in this moment with you forever.
Where will we stay when we go to __________?

With my children;
Stay right there! Don’t move!
I wish I could stay with you at school all day. It would be so fun!
We are going to stay with family when we go to California.
I wish you could stay this little forever.
Papaw is coming to stay for a few days!

I have so many uses for this word stay. Some healthy, others not so much. Regardless of the category in which they fall I have learned much about this word, my interpretation and the way I use it with others.

With Chris it’s, “Don’t leave yet. Stay.” What I’m really saying is, “I feel insecure. Please don’t leave me.”

When I tell my children I wish they would “stay little forever” it’s not really what I mean. I want them to grow and thrive and live life to the fullest.

Many times the things I wish could stay the same must evolve for my betterment. I don’t always see it, or want it for that matter, but it must. Few things stay the same and I am quite certain I wouldn’t want them to. Nothing but the Father’s love and faithfulness. Upon those I can rely, build my future and speak my truth. All else stays for a time and is gone.

My five minutes are up! Thanks for stopping by.

10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Stay

  1. “Words, quotes, statements, pleas, heartbreak, uncontrolled happiness… all flooded my mind when I read Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday prompt.” Yes, me, too. I love how you broke down some of your usages of this word, and I so relate to some of them, in the large spectrum that we use them. Thank you for sharing your heart here.

  2. I agree, Joy, although we use the word “stay” often and in many different ways, we really don’t want things to stay the same (at least we wouldn’t in the long run). Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great post.
    I can relate to almost all the stays up there 🙂
    husband – stay in bed with me (just for a cuddle)
    sons – stay little (which means it’s difficult to deal with rebelling teenage years)
    God – stay with me to keep me sane.
    and to God too – can’t you please let me stay young and healthy 🙂

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