When Beauty is a Beast

Psalm139Some days… when standing before my reflection, stripped of everything… motives, guilt, expectations, past images, I can honestly look at my body and speak the words of Psalm 139 with great certainty.

I do well most of the time, but when the body image monster sneaks up on me, it does so with a vengeance. I go from being comfortable in my skin to feeling like the reflection in a fun-house mirror. I wonder whose body I’m trapped in and when the merger occurred. I see my curves as too curvy. My hair appears dull. My laugh lines are deep and obvious. My image is distorted.

It’s no secret that my relationship with food and exercise is less than ideal.

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This Day

Pure JoySome days just flow.
The kids don’t whine when waked up for school.
Breakfast is on the table when they come down with sleepy eyes and bed head.
They change into their clothes without being asked.
Lunches are packed.
Clean socks are waiting by shoes.
Jackets are on.
And they’re off for another day of learning and growing.
Walking out into a day paved with faith as we release them into the impeccable care of their Heavenly Father.
The house is quiet now.
The hum of the dryer is all that is heard.
The sun peeks through the clouds as snowflakes fall, quickly melting on impact.
The house is warm.
Smells of coffee and burnt cinnamon fill the air, rising to the ceiling.
It’s another day. Filled with endless possibilities. More than can be embraced.
My lips curve into a smile with teeth.
So this is grace.
This is the undeserved and grossly underrated exuberance of God.
This is the beauty of second chances.
This is light and hope. Blessings and goodness all swirled into normal.
May I remember this moment on the not so smooth days when the children whine from dawn to dusk and the pantry isn’t stocked from my lack of grocery shopping.
When there are no clean clothes and every step is a struggle.
I want to remember this warmth and calm of a peaceful heart at home.

Travel theme: Food

Ailsa blogs over at “Where’s my backpack?” I always enjoy looking at the captures of recent travels, but rarely participate in the travel theme because, in this season of life, I really don’t travel that often.

This week is a little different. Though I only traveled in the city, I felt like I had been transported to Japan. I didn’t have my “good” camera, but took some shots with my phone. They turned out pretty good and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share this with you.

Real wasabi root

We had several beautiful sushi rolls. By the time I took my phone out, only this one little piece remained. And though the plainest of all the rolls, it was still delicious.

This is why I don’t share my dipping sauce.
When I’m finished, there are remnants of the various rolls enjoyed.
To have it any other way would be stressful and less enjoyed.

Now to the main that had strangers coming to our table asking what it was…

Isn’t it beautiful! I love the way the Japanese appreciate every aspect of their food.
They are the master artisans of the kitchen.

Here is a close-up of the dish so that no detail is missed.

This is now our favorite sushi joint.
I was showing these pictures to my boys because I think it’s important to recognize where our food comes from. We are so separated from the reality of the process that my children think it either comes wrapped in saran wrap, packaged in paper or from a box.

“You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too.
And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.”
~ Kurt Vonnegut, Jailbird ~

There is more to share about this local find in a later blog post
with higher quality pics and more variety.
Stay tuned!

What are your thoughts? Would you rather know where your food comes from
or is it easier to remain uninformed?